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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Evan's Weaning Stage

It has been almost a month since my last post..Sad to say, I dun really have the time to update on her weaning to solid process. It was fun, enduring, heartaching period but I treasure every moment with Evan and her enjoyment in Food!

18 May to 16 June 2009

This is a summary of her progress during this one month. I am proud to say that she has no allergy reaction to the food she has eaten. Of course, she does have certain preference over others but thankfully, she eats almost everything. She loved Nestle Rice Cereal from the start and I progressed to Brown Rice Cereal and introduced fruits and vegetables. As a SAHM, the ability to make homemade puree is a priviledge to me. Nevertheless, the only time I gave her organic jarred fruit and vege puree was when we are out in town and I was not able to bring my homemade puree for her. The brand that I bought is Healthy Times. This is what I have made for her sometimes with the help of my mother-in-law and we truly enjoy making a mess in the kitchen with our blender, steamer and lots of fun storing them in 1 oz and 2 oz cubes.

The first two weeks from 20 May to 30 May, these are the homemade puree we produced out of the Lee factory. I will put up the recipe in the later posts. Spinach, Apple, Pear, Butternut Squash, Jap Sweet Potato, Banana, Carrot, Rock Melon, Avocado, Plum and Papaya. She rejected the pureed Spinach and the tangy Plum put her off. Avocado is still waiting for its turn.

However, there were few hiccups during her transition from Stage one Enfalac milk powder to Stage 2 EnfaPro. Yucks, if I am a baby, I will hate Enfapro too as it taste horrible. Thus, it did affect Evan in a certain way as she immediately went on rice cereal strike. She refused to eat the rice cereal as I have added the milk into it and worse, she refused to drink the EnfaPro and mind you, she is super clever to be able to differentiate which is which. There is not way to trick her. So I have to forgo the rice cereal, repeat and start all over again for the transition process. It was tough. At least, I thank God that she still eats the Brown rice cereal as it itself comes with milk. *Cross Fingers* For the past two weeks, I have successfully weaned her off from Stage 1 Enfalac. Phew! But this whole one month, due to this, she has not gain a single weight and lost a few grams instead. *Heart Sank*
Well, have to buck up now..so today while journalling this post down, vegetable stock is being cooked and I will portion the stock into a few bags and freeze them to make porridge the next few days. Tomorrow, will proceed to making chicken and porkribs stock. I hope she will like the porridge and I will re introduce the spinach in her porridge. Evan, Pls eat the spinach ok! It's good in Iron and be strong like Popeye!

To be continued.............

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day 5 : Nestle Rice Cereal

Today, I changed the format of journalling Evangeline's weaning stage. Got the idea from a mummy's blog which I frequent alot. I have learnt lots of tips and ideas from her.

Schedule for Today:

Morning 10am : 100ml of FM, 1 tbspoon of rice cereal x 50ml of remaining milk

Remaining 4 milk feeds: 150ml of FM

Allergy Reaction:

No allergy reaction observed

Texture of Food:

Slightly Thicker in consistency

Amount of Food:

1 Tablespoon (3 teaspoon) of rice cereal

Baby reaction:

Ever since the very first day I introduced rice cereal, she is able to swallow so well that nothing falls onto her bib, body or high chair or anywhere. I am very proud of her that she doesn't make a mess when eating solid food. Hopefully, it stays like this forever..hahah


5 months 28 days old

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Day 4 : Nestle Rice Cereal

My mother in law came to stay for a night yesterday and this morning managed to catch Evan in action on her weaning process. She was amused at how excited Evangeline was when she saw the green Pigeon bowl and red spoon. Evangeline knew immediately that food was ready and waved her arms frantically to show her impatience of waiting.

Today, I increased the amount of cereal to the following and she finished everything. Still asking for more and showed displeasure when we show her the empty bowl.

16 May 2009 - 2 teaspoon x rice cereal x 30ml of milk
- Finished 120ml of milk

Allergic reaction: None

Current Mood: pleased

Braun Handheld Blender and JANE highchair

This morning, Auntie C and I have an appointment together at Robinson to get some good deals from the sale. After days of considering between Philip Handheld Blender 700watt model versus Braun Handheld Blender, I have decided to get the Braun model due to it's lasting, hardy and durable parts. Since I have some robinson vouchers,I treated it as an investment in purchasing this slightly more expensive brand. Auntie C bought a Fisherprice toy for Evan and we further our time of fellowship at my place till 10plus at night.

Another great deal I got for Evangeline was a secondhand JANE brand highchair which can be converted to a table and chair when Evan reaches toddler stage. The retail price at Robinson was about $275, but I only got this secondhand highchair from a mummy at a price of $100. It is in super good condition, almost brand new, no stain or faulty parts. I was very pleased to get such a good deal and I credited this to our GOD who knew that I longed to have a JANE highchair but financially not able to have one due to its price. Thank you God for making my purchases come true!!!

I am excited and can't wait to use my newly purchased blender! Monday will be the first day for her fruit puree, hope Evangeline will enjoy her fruit.

Current Mood: Accomplished

Friday, May 15, 2009

Day 3: Nestle Rice Cereal

Today, she did not really finished her cereal as she was cranky and sleepy. I was suspecting that she might not be well as she doesn't seem to be happy the whole morning which is not her usual self. The night before, she woke up in the middle of the night to play and do her stunts from one side of her cot to the other, making us super busy trying to get her back to sleep. That could explain why this morning, she was super tired and exhausted.

15 May 2009 - 1 teaspoon x rice cereal x 15ml of FM
- Finished up 130ml of milk, left behind about 5ml.

Allergic reactions: None

Current Mood: Grouchy

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Evangeline's attempt in cereal

First try in flipping

In this video, Evan was trying to flip over in the morning. This was taken when she was about 3 months old. After helping her to flip, 3 hours later, she flipped over all by herself..she is really a fast learner in many things.